Thursday, April 24, 2008

John Cage Waltz

Saturday I'll be doing a John Cage Waltz. See --

Here are my instructions from Spearmint:

- there is no written score. the whole of the score is what's on the blog. if you're performing, you can perform what you want.

- if you're performing and want to consider it a busk and put out a hat for donations, i suppose that's fine. however if getting arrested causes you to have to quit, that'd be unfortunate.

- you do not have to go to your locale alone.

- any kind of documentation you want to do is fine. i will ask everyone to write a paragraph about the experience, and for copies of recordings (preferably mp3) from all record-makers. all written pieces, recordings and photos will go up on the wfmu blog.

- the performance will be 40 minutes, from 3-3:40 on april 26. rain date is april 27.


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