Friday, September 02, 2005

9/11 and John Cage

On the morning of 11 September 2001 I was in Kinko’s just north of the World Trade Center. I was Xeroxing all the material John Cage had contributed to my magazine, Unmuzzled OX. I thought it might make a good book. But there was a lot of material and it was complex. And then there was a loud noise and Kinko’s rocked. It was probably a gas explosion, I thought. Somebody had been careless. I continued Xeroxing. Cage was tricky. As I worked, I happened to glance out the window, and saw flames and smoke a few blocks south. Yes, I decided, someone had been very careless. But then there was another tremendous explosion. Not only did the building move, but rubble bounced off the shaking window. Finally I stopped Xeroxing. You know the rest. It was on TV.


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Kooool Michael

love life stories, da process is the solution

Heard Deepak Chopra keynote speech at Snowmass, wellness festival & he had story after story on synchronicity's very in our style.

Everyone in my building that day was in such a story, the bldg was empty when i needed help.
I watched the fireball of the second tower right in front of my eyes with the shrapnel coming down & I was "safe" behind the camera! & the engine went blap right out from the corner of the tower onto a roof a block in front of me, a wave of people knocked me down, I got off easy! Saw the towers pancake down & the sky go black & glittery like a celebration overhead, I knew it had to be a controlled demolition, you know that don't you???? So unlike john cage at random this was controlled & we were controlled & still they are trying, they love control unlike cage who knew his mushrooms like a brain on automatic so the control is given up, let the engrams go on their own.

Nice talkin to you.

I sure miss Ray j when i talk to you.

Still hear his voice all the time! & my mom's house painter looks just like a picture I took of ray looking like a happy puffed up bunnyface. Good years we had!

I used to bump into John Cage in the streets of NY all the time, seems we took similar paths & now to save my worn out black shoes i painted john Cage on them - got stopped at the airport by a young JCage devotee named mark who liked my shoes. More people know john than I'd guess, telling from my shoes & those who light up seeing them

Did you ever hear john's story about Satie who blew pepper out of his French horn into the audience???

Cheers/ Coco

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